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How to enjoy a touristic journey in Istanbul without any cost

Is it possible to enjoy the environment of Istanbul without any cost? In our opinion yes it is possible you can have fun in Istanbul with cheapest prices

Istanbul comes in the tops of the demanding cities around the world because of its beauty which encompassed the beautiful nature and villages and known with the great historical places such as the historical mosques and palaces, the streets which back to the Ottoman period

Ortakoy coast

Ortakoy coast is specialized with its perfect location and its perfect overlook it is one of the most beautiful towns in Istanbul and you can have a journey inside it and at the coast without any payment and also you can visit its suburbs for free. This place is very near to Besektas, Korocasma. Bebek, Taksim

Don’t forget the street singers

Currently streets became part of the art especially in the crowded places where you can see many groups with full instrument enjoying singing in public. The street singers can put you in a very good mood while you are listening to them

Coasts of Istanbul

Istanbul is the largest city in Marmara region. It is encompassed with water and the beautiful natures with wonderful forests and magical views and the most attractive places are Bebek. Karakoy. Eminonu. Avcilar. You can have so much fun in these places without putting any cent in your pocket

Art galleries and Museums

Istanbul is so crowded city with art and cultures activities and every month there are many different events mostly for free. You can visit those places and discover their beauty. Most of them are located in Istiklal Street. Bayoglu also there are lots of galleries in Artar it is opened all the week

Have a walk among the shopping Bazaar in Istanbul

It doesn’t require any cost and you don’t have to buy something. Just have a look for the products and things they are selling and you can also go to the shopping malls in Istanbul and enjoy it. One of the popular Bazaars in Istanbul is the old Egyptian bazaar which is 400 years old it is unique with its colorful style

Sunny time in Princes Islands

If you are bothered by the crowd in the city center you can go to one of those 9 islands 20 km far eastern south of Marmara. The most beautiful island among them is an island called Hepali Ada. It is a small island and it is opened for those who like to walk in the small coasts it also include small greenie hills. It is very preferred place for those who like to experience new things. The important thing in those islands is that cars are forbidden inside only horse carriages and bicycles